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Guide To Managing Exam Stress

Managing stress before exams can help your child perform better.

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With examinations drawing closer and looming around the corner, managing exam stress becomes one of the child's and parent's top priority.

Exam stress can harm your child's progress and ability to score in his or her upcoming exams for one simple, surprising reason: it chips away your child's confidence.

Having confidence in one's ability to score well is a little-known key to successfully managing exam stress and leapfrogging from a "C" or "B" to an "A".

Here are some ways your child can manage exam stress and increase their confidence:

1. Make positive recommendations to their daily schedule

When a parent or tutor actively takes part in time-management and the planning of the child's schedule way ahead of exams, it helps the child set his eyes on the final goal. Being able to see how he will progress and measuring himself against the milestones set ahead of him helps him stay aware and confident in his learning journey.

One method is to chart out the entire year's (or months left ahead to exams) revision schedule and topics to address ensures that they're not going to have to cram at the eleventh hour.

The less overwhelmed a student is, the better prepared he will be in the weeks leading up to the exam.

2. Avoid comparison or negative words

It is common to compare students grades and performances in school. The act of doing so however chips away at the child's confidence and encourages anxiety and stress when he or she feels the need to compete. While competition is good for improvement, unhealthy and unfriendly competition can negatively impact and impede a student's learning growth.

Positive and encouraging words help your child feel more comfortable opening up with you about their progress and where they feel they fall short, helping you identify better ways to work with your child on their grades and building a stronger bond of trust between you and your child.

3. A clear and agreed-upon exam survival guide

Knowing your child's strengths and weaknesses can help him score better at his exams. By tackling the sections where he is much more confident and stronger at, it helps him build the momentum he needs to complete the rest of the papers, including sections where he might be weaker at.

"Students need to be aware of what they're strong and weak at, and tap into time management skills to ensure they have adequate time and allowance to score well on sections they know they excel in," Ms Lim, A1 Tuition Academy's tutor. (read up about Ms Lim's interview here: How This Tutor Helped Her Students Score A's in a Short Span of Time)

What are some ways you use to manage exam stress?

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