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Finding the Right Home Tutor in Singapore

Home tutors are a popular choice in Singapore as parents and students alike work hard towards getting good grades in the Singapore education system

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When it comes to looking for a home tutor, parents rely on one of the three choices:

1. Recommendation from a friend / family / co-worker

2. Looking for tutors online

3. Turning to tuition coordinators to find the best home tutor in Singapore available

As it turns out, most home tutors come and go despite the good track records they have shown with other students. Why is this so?

"Students need to be able to connect with their tutors," reflected Mrs Ang, a veteran tutor and an ex-MOE teacher, "when they are able to connect with their tutors, they start enjoying the classes and that in turn shows in the form of better grades and results,"

Here are some tips on how you can find the right home tutor for your child:

1. Share your child's learning capabilities, shortfalls and strengths


Coordinators at A1 Tuition Academy always ask parents to share more about their student's current learning progress and abilities. Without a shared understanding of your child's current progress and expected results which they want to work towards, it's nearly always a hit-and-miss when the tutors show up for their first class.

Be open when discussing your child's learning needs and weaknesses with your tuition coordinator, as it will help with the process of finding and matching the best home tutor in Singapore for your child.

2. Be open to options available

With respect to point #1, being open to the list of tutors available in the market will help you expand your search for the best home tutor in Singapore for your child.

"Tutors come from many varied backgrounds, and it is not always that a MOE teacher can do a better job at tutoring your child than a Full-Time tutor who's more experienced at teaching one-to-one lessons" Mrs Ang suggested.

Doubts about being able to follow the MOE syllabus is one of Singapore parent's key concerns when it comes to hiring non-MOE tutors.

"Many full time and part time tutors take pride in their work as they know this field is extremely competitive, and they make it a point to keep themselves updated with the changes of the syllabus in order to stay competitive in the saturated tuition industry and stand out."

Tutors working closely with A1 Tuition Academy are kept abreast with the latest changes in the MOE syllabus as well, ensuring that any gaps in information or knowledge are covered for.

3. Get to know your tutors

Ironing out teaching methodologies and strategies with your tutor during the first lesson helps you quickly evaluate if this the right home tutor for your child. It is highly encouraged for your child to join in this get-to-know session as well.

Good tutors make it a point to keep parents updated on the student's learning progress and lesson plans, and are highly accountable for the results the students score in exams.

Looking for a home tutor in Singapore?

Our coordinators are experienced and industry-trained, and we can best advice you on what kind of expectations to have when finding the best home tutor for your child.


Send us a Whatsapp message at +65 9751 1033 or give us a call today.

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